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Discover the rich heritage of the Sabelskjöld family. Join us now and connect with relatives, attend reunions, and delve into our history together.

Our Family Story

We are the Sabelskjöld family society, established in 1967. Our goal is to strengthen family bonds, organize reunions, and delve into our lineage. We keep an up-to-date member registry and publish 'Sabelsköldarn' annually. Join us in celebrating our shared heritage. 

A letter from Jöns Sabelskjold

Why Us?

Join us for family connections, reunions, and shared history.

Family Solidarity

We foster connections and support among family members.

Annual Reunions

Gather at exciting family events each year.

History Research

Explore our rich family heritage and background together.

The Letter of Nobility

The Board - selected 2022


  • Per Håkansson, Timmernabben


  • Gunnar Malmberg, Tranås

  • Birgitta Mantefors, Norrköping

  • Thina Rydell, Kalmar

  • Britt Stenervall, Enskede

Deputy Members:

  • Rolf Bowin, Bromma

  • Maja Svärd, Järfälla

  • Ralf Antonsson, Lidingö

  • Chatarina Linderoth, Stockholm

More information

Commonly asked questions with simple answers for your convenience.

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Choose your language. On top you can se a link to an exclusive shop - only for members. The articles are in swedish. 

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Is the society open to all Sabelskjöld family members?

Absolutely! We welcome all family members with open arms to be part of our community. If you wish to apply for membership, please complete the form with information about how you are connected to the family. Apply here!

What activities does the family society organize?

We arrange family reunions, publish an annual magazine, hold conferences every two years, and have informal meetings in between. This years conference will be at Vadstena August 31st. 

How can I contribute to the family history research?

If you have any information or documents related to our family history, feel free to share with us! Contact us and your messages will be forwarded to the reserach-group, 

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Join our family society to stay updated, attend reunions, and be part of our historical research efforts. We welcome you to join us now!